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Grief Course and Support Group

From sadness, heartache, and depression
to peace, joy, and happiness.

Angela Alexander, Author & Inspirational Speaker of her autobiography titled Miracles in Action ~ Turning Pain into Power and Grief into Peace, and the Executive Producer of her documentary film. She retired from the Air Force Reserve in 2005. Angela has been speaking for churches, retreats, conferences, women fellowships, and book clubs since 2000. She currently resides in Southern California with her husband and enjoys hiking, traveling, and inspiring others to search for their miracles.

A program that will help you find your strength to turn your pain into power and your grief into peace with the support of a community.

  • Course starts on June 3rd.

  • Place your order early to receive your book.

  • You will receive grief mentoring & support as we read & discuss Miracles in Action.

  • You will have a safe, supportive community who understand your pain and can help you navigate through your grief. Even if your loved one passed decades ago it could feel like yesterday, because grief has no timespan.

  • You are supported as you turn your pain into power and grief into peace.

  • As you embrace your emotions, you accept the reality of your loss.

  • Talking about your grief, paying attention to your feelings, and attending to your emotions is part of your healing process.

  • The healing of your broken heart is not an indication that you no longer love or miss your loved one(s).

    YES! I want to JOIN the GROUP!

    Here's what you'll get:


    CH 1: Unexpected News

    CH 2: Seeds of Destiny

    CH 3: My "Lonely" Soldier

    We’ll talk about family, meeting my husband and our love story. I’m excited to hear about your family, life, and love story as well. My husband asked, “Did you have to put all of our business in your book?"

    CH 4: In Sickness and in Health

    CH 5: Life Worth Celebrating 

    CH 6: Deja Vu

    Our vows said, “In sickness and in health” those words became real, and real quick.

    Have you dealt with life and death situations, or medical miracles?

    CH 7: Alice In Wonderland

    CH 8: Forgiveness

    My family moved to California because something so extremely devastating happened that it’s still hard to talk about.

    But we’re going to go there.

    Let’s talk about grief, depression, and family forgiveness.

    I can’t say anything more about this chapter just buckle up!

    CH 9: Moving Forward

    CH 10: Here We Grow Again

    This period of time was the calm before another storm. I moved spiritually closer to God who is the source of my strength. My relationship with God laid the foundation for the road ahead. I learned that love never dies.

    CH 11: Miracles In Action

    CH 12: Good Grief 

    CH 13: A Peace Bigger Than Me

    Sadly my two eight year-old sons passed instantly in a horrific car crash.

    The miracle is God allowed both to write and leave behind incredible good-bye letters.

    I’m really excited to share their letters with you and how they came about.

    I also want to hear your testimonies.

    CH 14: Deciding To Fly
    CH 15: Trials, Tribulations, and Triumph
    CH 16: Achieving Our Dreams

    We’re going to talk about what was going on behind the scenes, and details I didn’t even put in the book.

    I’ll share how my testimony turned into a documentary film, and what exciting things are happening now.

    Join me in this journey, this page turner, as we read and discuss my autobiography.

    Let's do this together! 
    I'm thrilled to meet you and hear your
    Miracles in Action.

    YES! I want to JOIN the GROUP!


    Find strength to turn your pain into power and your grief into peace with the support of a community.

    Again, here's what you'll get:



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